【MacRumors】「OS X El Capitan」に対応・非対応アプリのリスト【El Capitan】


どうも!スーザンmax (@suuzan_max)です。

先日、「OS X El Capitan」のパブリックベータが公開されましたが、正しく動作しないアプリもあるので、普段使っているアプリの動作が確認できるまではアップグレードできないという人が多いと思います。そんな時に便利なのが、この「「OS X El Capitan」に対応・非対応アプリリスト」です。



このリストはMacRumorsのフォーラムにあるOS X El Capitan: Working & Not Working Appsというスレッドで公開されており、スレッドに集まった有志によってどんどん情報が追加されています。


・1Password (has minor display glitches but functions fine)
・Adobe Photoshop CS6 – CC 2015
・Adobe Illustrator CC 2015
・Airmail 2
・Air video HD
・Alfred 2
・Asset Catalog Creator
・Audio Hijack 3.1.1
・Audio Hijack Pro
・Autodesk Maya 2016
・Battle.Net Launcher
・BetterSnap Tool
・Bitdefender Virus Scanner
・BOINC Manager
・Brainwave Studio
・BreakTime (required permission repair)
・Circus Ponies Notebook
・Cisco Anyconnect VPN
・ClamXav 2.7.5
・Cleanmymac 3 MacPaws beta works fine
・Coconut Battery
・Compressor 4.2
・Day One
・DevonThink Office PRO
・Diablo III
・Disk Sensei
・Dreamweaver CC2014
・EazyDraw 7 (using beta on developer’s site)
・FileMaker Pro Advanced 14.0.1
・Final Draft
・Geek bench 3
・gfxCardStatus, v2.3
・Google Chrome
・Google Chrome Canary
・Google Drive
・Google Music Manager
・Google Photos Desktop Uploader
・Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
・Hex Fiend
・Hype 3 Pro
・iFlicks 2
・iStat Nano/Pro (Dashboard)
・iTerm2 (frequent crashes)
・iWork ’09 (Pages, Numbers, Keynote)
・iZotope RX 3
・Kega Fusion
・Keynote (current version)
・Lightroom CC
・LittleSnitch latest nightly build works fine
・Logic Pro 9.1.8
・Logitech Control Center (Devices won’t pair) – Works for me, when mouse reconfigured!
・Matlab R2015
・Microsoft Lync 14.0.11
・Microsoft Office Suite (Vers 15.x)
・Microsoft Office for Mac 2016
・Microsoft Remote Desktop
・Microsoft Word 2011
・Mumble 1.2.10
・MySQLWorkbench 6.2
・Numbers (current version)
・OS X Fuse 2.8.0
・ownCloud client 1.8.2
・Pages (current version)
・Papers 3.2.10
・Parallels Desktop (10.2.1) (Also version 9)
・Path Finder
・PDF Pen Pro
・Plex Home Theater
・Plex Media Server
・R 3.1.2
・RealVNC Viewer
・Retrospect Client 12.0.2 (menu bar status doesn’t work, but pref pane and backups do)
・RingCentral for Mac
・Safari Prairiefire
・Skim (since beta 3)
・SMC Fan Control
・Sophos Anti-Virus for Macintosh 9.2.4
・Starcraft 2
・Sublime Text 3
・Team Viewer
・Team Fortress 2
・Text Wrangler
・TG Pro
・Total Manager 3.7.0
・TRIM Enabler
・Tweetbot 2
・Virtual DJ Pro Full
・VMware Fusion 6
・World Clock
・VMWare Horizon Client 3.4.1 (released 2nd July to support El Capitan)
・Xcode 6.3.2



・Anything that requires Java 6 (6 support is temporarily unavailable. 10.11 will be the last version to support 6.)
・Bartender (mainly cosmetic issues but has gotten really ugly in DP3)
・Box Sync
・Calendar (Exchange is broken)
・Calories 3
・Carbon Copy Cloner
・Casper (Jamf Software)
・CleanmyMac 3
・CrashPlan (was working earlier, but now BROKEN in DP3)
・Eclipse (was working after installing Java in DP1 and DP2, but now broken in DP3)
・Egnyte Desktop Sync
・Fantastical 2 (regularly crashes when adding appointments)
・Final Cut Pro X 10.2.1 (crashes upon launch for some people)
・Flash Player 18.0
・gdisk 1.0.0 (Installation successful after disabling rootless and rebooting)
・iBooks (Immediate crash, however if users use the same trick used on running Xcode 6.3.2, iBooks will work)
・iConBox 2.6.0
・Imprint V1.4.2
・iShowU Pro (requires resetting settings)
・iStat Menus (iStat Menus 5.1.1Beta released for 10.11)
・jBidWatcher (requires Java 6)
・Letter Opener Pro
・LiteIcon 3.5.6
・Little Snitch 3.5.3 (Nightly Build 3.6 – 4348 released for 10.11)
・Logitech Control Center (Devices won’t pair) – Works for me, when mouse reconfigured!
・LogMeIn Client
・Lync 2011 (logs in then crashes)
・Mail (Exchange is broken)
・Mail Act-On
・MenuMeters 1.8.1
・Microsoft Remote Desktop (works for some)
・Microsoft Outlook Preview 2016 (very buggy with exchange account)
・Movie Magic Budgeting (requires Java 6, which can not be installed on 10.11)
・NovaBench (totally white windows, needs to be force quit)
・OS X Fuse 2.7.5 (OS X Fuse 2.8.0 Beta released for 10.11)
・Parallels Bootcamp partition (Other VM’s work fine)
・Quicken (crashes on launch unless I start a new database from scratch)
・RadioSHARK (app works but gets no sound from device). Workaround: Use Audio Hijack 3.1.1 to round sound from RadioSHARK input to Line Out
・Razor Synapse
・Roon (was working in DP1 and DP2, broken in DP3)
・Safari Stand
・Scrivener (was working in DP1 and DP2, broken in DP3)
・Snag-It (All-In-One Capture does not work…Window and Full Screen work.)
・SpamSieve (needs update to work with newest Mail)
・Starry Night Pro Plus 7.1.2
・SuperDuper! (see http://www.shirt-pocket.com/blog/index.php/shadedgrey/comments/uncovering_our_rootlessness/ for details and beta)
・Synology Cloud Station (does not detect changes, needs stop/restart to make it work)
・TechTool Pro 7
・TechTool Pro 8
・TotalSpaces2 ( Works after rootless turning off)
・Township (Game)
・Taxer NTFS (Installed after disabling rootless via Terminal and rebooting)
・Wacom Bamboo tablet driver
・XQuartz (requires rootless be turned off to install)
・Yosemite CacheCleaner


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