【Tapbots】新たに「トピック」機能を追加するなどしたMac向け「Tweetbot for Twitter 2.4」がリリース!【アップデート】


どうも!スーザンmax (@suuzan_max)です。

Tapbotsが、Mac向けTwitterクライアント「Tweetbot for Twitter」をアップデートし、新たに「トピック」機能を追加するなどした「Tweetbot for Twitter 2.4」をリリースしています。



Tweetbot for Twitter 2.4」でのアップデート内容は下記の通りで、先日iOS版にも搭載された特定の話題やテーマに関する複数のツイートを簡単に作成し、自動的にリプライにまとめ、ハッシュタグを付ける「トピック」機能が搭載されています。



バージョン 2.4 の新機能

This release introduces Topics. A Topic is a way to let you quickly Tweet a group of related Tweets without having to manually reply to yourself and/or manually add the same hashtags over and over again. They are really great for rapid fire live Tweeting events.

You can access Topics by clicking the gear menu in the New Tweet screen. They are also stored in and require iCloud, so you can start a topic on your iPhone and easily continue it on your iPad and Mac.

・Collections Support
・Improved Quote Preview in Compose Window
・Removed play/pause button from video playback. Clicking on the video will toggle play/pause.
・Fixed an issue where incoming DM’s would play a sound even when notification center was set to ‘Do not Disturb’.
・If you mute someone you don’t follow, it now automatically mutes searches, mentions and lists.
・Fixed an issue with using the left-arrow key when in the timeline search field.
・Fixed an issue with tab jumping too many columns.
・Fixed an issue where you could drag additional images or video into a tweet that already had the max number of attachments.
・Fixed an issue where videos would fail to upload.
・Fixed an issue where .mov files could not be added as video.
・Fixed an issue where the progress spinner wouldn’t disappear after loading.
・Fixed an issue where text could be cut off at the bottom after adding an image in the compose window.

価格: ¥1,200 (記事執筆時)
カテゴリ: ソーシャルネットワーキング
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